Acou6tics: Re-imagine the acoustic guitar with the follow up to Vir2's Electri6ity

Cinematic Thunder: Epic orchestral toms

Studio Kit Builder: A complete encyclopedia of acoustic drum kits

Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar: creative and esoteric presentations of acoustic guitars

Q: instruments and sound design for the big screen

Violence: extreme violin maneuvers

Electri6ity: the ultimate electric guitar virtual instrument

World Impact: Global Percussion: the perfect storm of ethnic, world, and cinematic percussion

Mojo: Horn Section: the heart and soul of pop, jazz, and big band horn sections

BASiS: master of the low end: electric, upright, fretless, and synth basses

Elite Orchestral Percussion: the premier orchestral percussion library for a new generation of composers

VI.ONE: the complete workstation virtual instrument

Acoustic Legends HD: a premium collection of 24-bit 96KHz sampled acoustic guitars



This update contain minor changes and fixes to existing patches as well as adding more than fifty new patches.

To install this update, locate the existing "Instruments" folder inside your Q folder.  Move that folder outside of the Q folder to any location of your choosing.  Next, move the new instruments folder into your Q folder.  Once you have a patch loaded, you may choose to keep or delete the old instruments folder.


Note: This update requires version 4.2.2 or later of the Free Kontakt Player or full retail version of Kontakt.

This update corrects issues with the legato functionality when using Kontakt 4.1.3 or later.  Once unzipped, the folder contains two files: Q_info.nkc and Q_info.nkx.  Simply drag these into your Q folder to replace old info files.  These files are also available through the NI Service Center.
Q XML (277 B)

Download this file if you purchased the download version of Q and it is not showing up in the NI Service Center.  After unzipping, place the file in the following location:

Mac: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Service Center


Windows: C:/Program Files/Common Files/Native Instruments/Service Center


After the file is copied to one of the above locations, Q will appear in the NI Service Center.

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