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About Vir2

Vir2 Instruments is an international team of sound designers, musicians, and programmers who specialize in creating the world's most advanced virtual instrument libraries. Vir2 is producing the instruments that shape the sound of modern music. Read more...


Acou6tics: Re-imagine the acoustic guitar with the follow up to Vir2's Electri6ity

Cinematic Thunder: Epic orchestral toms

Studio Kit Builder: A complete encyclopedia of acoustic drum kits

Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar: creative and esoteric presentations of acoustic guitars

Q: instruments and sound design for the big screen

Violence: extreme violin maneuvers

Electri6ity: the ultimate electric guitar virtual instrument

World Impact: Global Percussion: the perfect storm of ethnic, world, and cinematic percussion

Mojo: Horn Section: the heart and soul of pop, jazz, and big band horn sections

BASiS: master of the low end: electric, upright, fretless, and synth basses

Elite Orchestral Percussion: the premier orchestral percussion library for a new generation of composers

VI.ONE: the complete workstation virtual instrument

Acoustic Legends HD: a premium collection of 24-bit 96KHz sampled acoustic guitars

Acou6tics 1.1 Update & New Tutorials
Friday, 28 March 2014 09:13

Acou6tics Update

Acou6tics 1.1 is now available! To download and find out about the update, click here.

We also have a new series of Acou6tics tutorial videos. Check them all out in the Tutorials tab on the product page.

Now Shipping: Studio Kit Builder
Monday, 01 October 2012 00:00
SKB Cover

Vir2 Instruments is proud to announce the long-awaited release of Studio Kit Builder. A massive acoustic drum encyclopedia, Studio Kit Builder includes 130 kit pieces and over 50 pre-built drum kits. Studio Kit Builder takes full advantage of the powerful scripting capabilities of the Kontakt 5 engine, making it quick and easy to design a drum kit that is tailor-made to your music production needs.

The main interface allows you to easily click-and-choose any kit piece, and thanks to the fast optimized load time, it's possible to audition any drum or cymbal on the fly and build new custom kits within seconds. Shape the acoustics using the versatile mixer, which includes several high quality effects on every channel and bus for precise tonal shaping. For added flexibility, route individual mixer channels to separate outputs for traditional mixing in your sequencer. Studio Kit Builder quickly adapts to any workflow or style.

Over one thousand MIDI files across dozens of styles are provided to help build a drum track quickly. MIDI files can be dropped into your sequencer directly from the Studio Kit Builder interface.

Studio Kit Builder is powered by Kontakt Player 5 and integrates seamlessly into any modern VST, AudioUnit, or RTAS host sequencer.

Q Updated to 1.1
Friday, 27 May 2011 00:00

We are excited to announce a significant patch update for Q, our premium library containing instruments and sound effects for the big screen. Included in this update are seventy-five brand new patches created from the original 16GB sound library, each crafted with unique sound design uses in mind and adding new sonic features. In addition, a number of minor changes to the 1.0 library improve tuning and playability across all instruments.

The update is free for all registered users, can be downloaded from the Support area, and requires Kontakt or Kontakt Player version 4.2.2 or higher. To install, download the update, then take the new Instruments folder from the ZIP and put it in the place of the original Instruments folder inside your Q Library. No previously created projects will be affected by this update.


Fractured: Prepared Acoustic Guitar
Tuesday, 20 December 2011 00:00
Q Cover

Fractured is an innovative new collection of instruments featuring creative and esoteric samples of various acoustic guitars. With 2.3GB of compressed samples and more than one hundred new instruments, Fractured contains a massive collection of fresh sounds that all inherit the organic goodness of the acoustic guitar but stretch out into never-before covered territory.

Drum kits were made with mallets, fingernail scrapes, metal scrapes, cardboard scrapes and pouring rice over the guitar. Long evolving pads were built from acoustic guitar samples, blurring the line between electronic and acoustic. Playable and dynamic rhythmic loops, multitimbral arpeggiated creations, huge cinematic impacts, gritty electronic drums, gnarly and etherial melodic instruments...Fractured is a treasure trove of groundbreaking new material.

Now Available, RiG: Urban Workstation
Monday, 04 April 2011 10:12

RiG: Urban WorkstationWe wanted to give you all an update of the latest happenings here at Vir2.  Much of our time recently has been spent working with Big Fish Audio on an incredible project called RiG: Urban Workstation. Two years ago Big Fish Audio set out to make a comprehensive Hip Hop and R&B virtual instrument. Our team worked closely with the producers at Big Fish Audio to help develop the recording specifications as well as patching and scripting the instruments. We developed an interface that places all parameters right in front of you, allowing you to quickly customize your sound to create the perfect fit for your next hit track. RiG includes a custom synth step fx editor, allowing limitless combinations of gate effects, arpeggios, sequenced pan effects, attack and decay, and low and hi pass filters. The included loop playback interface allows you to access and edit individual slices of the included loops. In total, RiG contains 26GB and 1200 patches of must-have content for urban production.

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